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US Researchers Identify Two Different Strains of Autism

By My Fox LA

Published September 08, 2011

Researchers have for the first time identified two biologically different strains of autism in a breakthrough being compared with the discovery of different forms of cancer in the 1960s, The Australian reported Thursday.

Group 1 (all boys) had enlarged brains and most had regressed into autism after 18 months of age

Group 2 (all boys) appeared to have immune systems that were not functioning properly.

Psychiatry professor David Amaral, who led the MIND Institute’s longitudinal study, said the findings could lead to more individualized treatment. “The ultimate goal is when a child comes into the clinic, rather than saying you just have autism, to be able to say you have autism type A, or type B, or type C,” Amaral said. “And then based on that description, we would know whether there is a different treatment profile that we should recommend to the families. TA-DA!!!!!!!

“As an example, if a child has an immune form of autism, it may be that what we want to do is manipulate their immune system rather than trying something else that may be related to synaptic functions in the brain.” 

Amaral predicted there would be many more biological subtypes of autism identified just as there were many forms of cancer. “If we were trying to cure all cancer at the same time, it would be hopeless,” he said. “Well, the same is true for autism. My guess is that there just isn’t going to be a single diagnostic marker for autism — there’s going to be a whole panel.”


Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/health/2011/09/08/us-researchers-identify-two-different-strains-autism/#ixzz1Xku1IQgb


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