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“Parents often aren’t aware that over-the-counter lice treatments can be harmful to children.  The Food and Drug Administration’s adverse event reports detail cases where the pesticides in lice treatments have been linked to headaches, cancer, seizures and death. The reports were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

One of the biggest worries for some health experts is a prescription treatment for head lice and scabies called lindane. The pesticide has been targeted for worldwide phase-out since 2009 by the Stockholm Convention, a global treaty that targets some of the world’s deadliest toxins. The U.S. has not ratified the treatyand has no imminent plans to ban lindane for head lice.“It’s not permitted to put lindane on your dog in the U.S.,” said Joe DiGangi, PhD, a senior science and technical advisor at the International POPs Elimination Network. “But they’re still allowing it to be put on your child’s head.””  

Hmm, does that make any sense?

When Brody was in preschool, I received the dreaded phone call. I had never experienced lice first hand and was horrified at the prospect of dealing with those nasty creepy crawlies. What were my choices for ridding my son from those unwanted pests?

The school nurse provided me with the status quo school treatment plan.

1. Over the counter poison for the head + nit/lice comb.

2. Wash everything in boiling water.

3. Bag what you can’t wash.

4. Vacuum and dispose of bag.

Before I could even get to #2 on the list, I was stopped in my tracks at the prospect of having to apply toxins directly to my child’s head. For the love of Pete…I was trying to rid his body of toxins not add to it!

“Excuse me Nurse Nancy, is there another choice?” I meekly asked.

“Well, some parents use a combination of combing and oils and then put swim caps on their heads to suffocate any remaining lice,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

“Ooh, sounds like a plan,” I thought to myself. And off I went with Mr. Lice to CVS.

  • Nit comb 
  • Oil 
  • Swim caps 

Mission complete.

Eight hours later, a swim capped family of five (hair generously coated  in olive oil, mayo and conditioner) sat around the dining table eating their dinner.

The next day the clan was nit/lice free and had incredibly soft and shiny hair.

The end. Lice gone. Never returned.

Combing: A Safe, Non-Toxic Method of Lice Control at  http://lancaster.unl.edu/pest/lice/headlice018.shtml

Source: http://www.iwatchnews.org/2011/09/06/6123/crawling-issue-head-lice-treatments-worse-pest-itself?utm_source=huffingtonpost


Author: A Ventography!

A Ventography is about: 1. Encouraging and empathizing with other parents on the autism spectrum. 2. Recycling and simplifying information on the latest autism news and health and diet tips. 3. Asking thought provoking questions designed to make us rethink what we've been told about autism. 4. Helping connect the dots that show, in some cases, autism is more than a brain disorder. 5. Challenging parents to rethink what they've been told, refuse the status quo, and escape the whirlwind of confusion.

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