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In January, we made the bold decision to “recover from recovery” and reclaim our old selves.

We were in a rut and utterly exhausted from putting so much time and effort into getting our children healthier. We were slowly lulled into apathy. First, we gained some weight. Then, we no longer felt like getting dressed up, nor did we have the money to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Then, because we looked so sloppy, we were too embarrassed to go to the hoity toity hair salons that could give us a chic haircut. Then, to add insult to injury, we even stopped putting on make up. We had spiraled out of control.

Well, no more… we are returning with a vengeance (but a snail’s pace)! Meet Molly and Leah – the 2012 version.

We have kept our promise to make time for exercise. We tried running, but our bladders did not cooperate. Then, we moved to fast walking but found that our gabbing prevented us from keeping up our pace. Next, we tried doing yoga DVDs at home. We thought yoga was supposed to be peaceful and relaxing. Instead, we found it to be a torture session and we hated every minute of it. So we moved on to Pilates. We now have 2 Pilates DVDs that we enjoy doing. They are helping us tone up and we find them to be stress-relieving. Problem solved.

We knew exercise alone would not help us lose the weight. So, we made changes to our diet as well. If we could put so much time and effort into the health of our children, why not us? We tried to do the South Beach Diet, but of course, we decided we know better. We tweaked it to be South Beach “L&M style.” Even though we are not following every detail of the South Beach diet, we are proud of ourselves. We are eating healthier than ever and we are sticking to the game plan. We eat similarly to our children now. Sugar and processed foods are no longer in our diet and we are eating more vegetables than ever. Yay for us!

But maybe South Beach “L&M Style” is not as great as we think because the other day, when Leah asked Tom (her husband) if she looked any thinner, he remarked, “Yes – your shoulders look thinner.” Just what every gal longs to hear from her husband after starving and exercising for weeks!

Our diet and exercise plans were going well, so we decided to tackle our hair issues next. We had been on the hunt for a decent stylist for 2 years. Then, one day, I thought I had struck gold. I called Leah to tell her about my award-winning hair experience. I pressured her to make an appointment immediately. Two days later, Leah found herself in the stylist’s chair but sadly, she didn’t have the same experience. Things went bad fast. An hour appointment turned into a three-hour, whoopsie-doo, salon owner must fix, we feel so bad about your haircut, the cut’s on us visit. Leah left with a Dorothy Hamill cut in the front and a 1980s Salt n Pepa haircut in the back. Not the haircut that dreams are made of.

Our kryptonite remains workout/comfy pants. Our excuse… bloggers need to be comfortable. We cannot be expected to be creative in skinny jeans.

Next on our agenda – fix Leah’s hair disaster, throw out 10-year-old make-up, and learn how to put on dewy, fresh-faced, 2012 makeup. We’ll keep you posted.

Anyone want to join us in “recovering from recovery?”

-L & M

P.S. – WANTED: the perfect shade of lip gloss for blondes… all suggestions welcome.

For other “New Year, New Us” posts go to: https://ventography.wordpress.com/category/new-year-new-us/


Author: A Ventography!

A Ventography is about: 1. Encouraging and empathizing with other parents on the autism spectrum. 2. Recycling and simplifying information on the latest autism news and health and diet tips. 3. Asking thought provoking questions designed to make us rethink what we've been told about autism. 4. Helping connect the dots that show, in some cases, autism is more than a brain disorder. 5. Challenging parents to rethink what they've been told, refuse the status quo, and escape the whirlwind of confusion.


  1. You wrote about wanting to wear more dresses this summer so I thought I would mention that Kohl’s has 40-50% off their Apt. 9 dresses this weekend. You can also print out another 15% off coupon if you go to Retailmenot.com.

    I just bought this one in purple. It’s very flattering and so comfortable!


  2. This post was awesome!! i have been feeling in sort of a rut lately and thinking i wear too many “mom outfits” while at Target. Thanks for making me smile 🙂


    • We can so relate about the mom outfits! We need to be comfy and yet stylish. We are thinking maybe cute patterned, knit dresses are the way to go. We will post pics if/when we find them. Let us know if you find anything “non-mom” as well. -L & M


  3. Yes, we all long for thinner shoulders….lol


  4. I loved reading about your recovery process. Can parents without autistic kids join in too? My excuse is 12 hours a day in front of the computer! Is there a 12-step plan for me? 🙂

    Oh, and can you name the 2 pilates DVDs you like – I think I need a kick start! Keep up the great work – I love reading your blog!


    • Yes!! Please join us – no autism required. The first DVD we like is “The Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Workout” and the other one is “10 Minute Solution Slim & Sculpt Pilates.” We got them on Amazon. They are nice because they break the workouts into Abs, lower body, and upper body so you can do all of them (if you have time) or just pick 1 or 2. Let us know if you try them! _L & M

      P.S. – We’re working on the “12 step plan” right now so we’ll keep you posted. 🙂


  5. HA! This is exactly me right now as well – oh wow! I just went and fixed my hair about a week ago with a new cut, style and color! I’ve started changing the way i eat (although i still indulge in my coffee and muffin in the morning)! I even tried running after my hernia repair and whoa did my bladder tell me otherwise too! I want to get a treadmill or a bowflex machine because i love walking & weight lifting. I threw out my old makeup and bought some new, beautiful makeup for my eyes, lips & face. I bought some awesome smelling shampoo & conditioner for my hair! I also decided to sign up for a few monthly presents! I signed up for conscious box and birchbox & i just love these – they help me discover new things and so far I’ve bought much more nice smelling lotions, healthy, organic products and lovely homemade type products as well. Heck! I deserve it! If anyone is interested in Conscious box here’s the link: http://consciousbox.com/ (Has more organic/eco-friendly stuff)
    And here’s the birchbox link: http://www.birchbox.com?raf=c593q (Has makeup/skincare/hair care & perfumes)


    • How funny that you are in such a similar place! We’re so glad you’re taking care of yourself. Let’s do this “recovery thing” together so we can compare notes and share tips. Thanks for the tip about the websites. We are going to check them out ASAP. We love organic things and stuff that smells good. -L & M


  6. I am joining you in recovering from recovery! I actually just mentioned you guys & recovering from recovery in a recent post [ http://tohabandtohold.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/we-have-come-such-a-long-way/ ] thank you for the inspiration!



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