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Back in January, we did a post summarizing what we learned from a webinar we attended given by Dr. William Shaw of Great Plains Lab. He discussed the connection between autism and acetaminophen. Dr. Shaw did not release any official information or transcripts after the webinar, despite tremendous public interest, because he had not yet released his official study. But just yesterday, we got Dr. Shaw’s e-newsletter, with an official statement about the autism acetaminophen connection.

Here is a summary of what the update said (in mom-lingo):

  • “It appears that the marked increase in the rate of autism throughout much of the world may be largely mediated by the marked increase in the use of acetaminophen in genetically and/or metabolically susceptible children and perhaps the use of acetaminophen by pregnant women.”
  • Because many children with autism have defective sulfation, they cannot properly detoxify acetaminophen. Therefore, it becomes toxic.
  • This then leads to intestinal Clostridia bacteria overgrowth.
  • Then the Clostridia bacteria cause overproduction of brain dopamine and reduced concentrations of brain norepinephrine.
  • Too much dopamine leads to obsessive, compulsive, and stereotypical behaviors.
  • Too little norepinephrine leads to reduced exploratory behavior and learning in new environments.
  • Because sulfation is often defective for people with autism, the body cannot use proper pathways to get rid of acetaminophen. Therefore, the body sends a larger than normal amount of acetaminophen to be detoxified by a pathway called cytochrome p450 2E1.
  • The problem with this pathway is that it leads to excessive production of N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine (NAPQI), a very toxic metabolite.
  • NAPQI is dangerous because it depletes glutathione which then reduces the body’s ability to detoxify a host of toxic chemicals in the environment.
  • In addition, the increase of NAPQI creates oxidative stress which leads to protein, lipid, and nucleic acid damage from free radicals. It also causes an increased rate of damage to mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.
  • NAPQI production has been found to be increased in humans at recommended dosages of acetaminophen and would be expected to be even higher in people with diminished sulfation capacity (as is often seen in autism).
  • BOTTOM LINE: Question your acetaminophen use.

By the way, acetaminophen is not just linked to the increase in autism. It has also been implicated in the rise in asthma. For more information, please read the following article  http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/02/20/147002356/does-tylenol-worsen-asthma-for-kids.

For more information on Dr. Shaw’s original webinar about this topic, please read: https://ventography.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/acetaminophen-and-its-possible-connection-to-the-rise-in-autism/.

If you want to stay updated about news on this topic and future studies, please visit Dr. Shaw’s facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/acetaminophenandautism.




Author: A Ventography!

A Ventography is about: 1. Encouraging and empathizing with other parents on the autism spectrum. 2. Recycling and simplifying information on the latest autism news and health and diet tips. 3. Asking thought provoking questions designed to make us rethink what we've been told about autism. 4. Helping connect the dots that show, in some cases, autism is more than a brain disorder. 5. Challenging parents to rethink what they've been told, refuse the status quo, and escape the whirlwind of confusion.


  1. I just read the Dr Shaw synopsis. I find it hard to believe that Tylenol is implicated in autism as autism rates are as high here in Western Australia as the USA yet Tylenol is not? sold here. We certainly never used it yet our daughter did the usual; learned to speak then regressed, was diagnosed at 28 months and was without any speech by then or since


    • Thank you you for taking the time to read A Ventography. The ingredient in Tylenol and many other pain relievers is also called paracetamol. In the U.S. it’s known as acetaminophen. Here is some more reading on the subject and our 2 cents- https://ventography.wordpress.com/?s=acetaminophen
      More bad news for acetaminophen (in the news the last few days) -http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/12/health/study-acetaminophen-dulls-empathy/index.html
      All the best to you and your daughter!

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    • Therase I was wondering if you had your som circumcized? All baby boys that are circumcised are given tyelnol for the first week of life. & also mothers that have c-sections also are on heavy doses of pain killers that include tylenol most of the time for at least a few days after giving birth. That could account for tylenol exposure & also thru breastmilk.
      It’s not not just about the vaccines or the tylenol folks. There are susceptible families out there with sick children not able to break down toxins due to not having enough glutathione, sulphates etc. It is a route of elimination we are talking about here. Some people do not feel the affects from it all til it is too late. It is the phenol sulphotransferase pathway. PST. An overdose of anything we cannot break down can lead to central nervous system, brain & other organ damage. Unfortunately vaccines do contain phenols as well as other unnecessary ingredients claimed to be used as preservatives. Phenols & tylenol are toxic broken down in the bodies of the susceptible. I am sure there are many others in this catagory, drugs, foods etc.


  2. I have been dealing with autism for 22 years now. While my children were not as severe in their symptoms as some of yours, they are still “autistic”. Trying to compare our children and their experiences is like comparing apples to watermelons….they are unique individuals as are the symptoms they present with. I commend those of you who have spent countless hours trying to make your children well, or “cure” them. I’m very happy that some of you are having tremendous success with different treatments, and that your children are showing improvements. But, I also commend those parents who accept their children’s quirks and behaviors as part of “who” their child is. I’ve dealt extensively with both types of parents and a lot of others in between, and I’m here to tell you that they all have only 2 things in common…they all have children with Autism, and they all love those children. In the last 22 years, I have heard that the cause of autism was “bad” parenting, vaccines, gluten allergies, bacteria, yeast, acetaminophen…..I guess the thing I’m trying to get across is that each child is different, the cause or “cure” may also be different. Some autistic children do great with music therapy, others can’t stand the noise. Some have gluten issues, some may have another cause to blame. Find what works for your individual child and embrace it, but don’t get so wrapped up with causes and cures that you forget to celebrate life with your child. Autism has been around for a very long time, longer than some of these causes and cures have, and im sure as the world around us changes, there will be more things added to these lists. I love my children with Autism, as I’m sure each and every one of you do. As long as I have breath I will continue to be a proud parent of children with Autism. ❤

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  4. Google NAC supplement…it is used in emergency rooms when too much Tylenol is taken. It helps detox the liver.


  5. I ate oranges when I was pregnant, maybe that gave my son ASD, or maybe it is the fact that I gave him a balance bike when he was two. There is NO evidence that he got it from vaccinations. I fully vaccinated my second child without any doubts at all. Another point, if is was not for ASD children (and adults) we would have a lot less geeks around making ipads, iphones and the like. I value my son and will do the best for him, He is a gift to our whole society. I will not try to “cure” him as he is not sick, nor will I try the useless exercise of second guessing every move I ever made with him to determine the “cause”. He is a geek just like his dad. They are playing a computer game together now.


    • Let me guess, you will not have the guts to print my comment.


    • Dear Therase,

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. We totally understand and respect that you disagree with our position on autism. However, to clarify, our focus has always been on figuring out the cause(s) and cure(s) for our children’s health problems, not their symptoms of autism. If their autism happens to go away as a result of fixing their health, that’s fabulous! But our goal is to have healthy children with the capacity to reach their full potential, whatever that may be. Before we focused on improving our children’s health, they were sad, exhausted, sick every other day, and lived in pain due to severe gut issues. Now, they are happy and enjoying their childhood as God intended.

      We are happy for you that you have a child you describe as a “geek”, who must be very smart, who is able to play computer games with his dad, who truly may be the next inventor of a techno-gadget like the IPad. However, as we’re sure you’d agree, that is not the case for every child on the ASD spectrum. In fact, we have friends whose children have diarrhea and seizures all day long and who bang their head on the wall and bite themselves from morning until night because they are in pain. Can we really ask those parents not to attempt to “fix” their children’s health issues? How can they look the other way when their children are in agony?

      You truly are very blessed. We wish every parent with a child on the spectrum could experience what you have with your son. Sadly, that is not the case. We wish you and your child continued success. Leah & Molly

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    • Let me guess… Your child has autism? So does my daugher. From the age of 1 she has had chronic diarheah, constipation, yeast overgrowth in her intestins, eczema, rashes, chronic low grade fevers every day of her life for 3 years, massive food allergies to the point where she became allergic to everything she eats, had chronic unexplained bladder infections since the age of 4 months, chronic ear and sinus infections, then came the massive psychotic, violent, self injury behaviors and tantrums over absolutely nothing, and I could go on. We have been treating her with biomedical intervention and therapies for 6 years now with much success, but the fact of the matter is is that she is still medically sick with an immune system in overdrive, and now through lots of testing has very high levels of antimony, lead, and murcury in her body. Most of these children with “autism” are very medically sick. We love our children more than anything on earth. My mission in life is to ger her well, and by well I mean get her to the point to where she is healthy phisically and is not is chronic pain, suffering from headaches, migranes, stomach pain and abdomanal bloating anymore. Whatever comes after that is fine with me. If she never talks, so be it. I will love her and accept her for who she is, just as I do today. But you obviously have no clue to the suffering that most of these children are in. And when a child is in physical pain every single day, there is no joy, happiness, or quality of life for that child or their family. There is no playing computer games with daddy, no going to the movies or the zoo. Just taking her to the market without her having a massive freak out tantrum that comes on instantaneously for no reason at all other than a sound or a smell most likely set her off, is a major accomplishment. We have been living this for over 6 years now, but I will never give up on healing my daughter. I’m so happy for you that your son is able to function in his daily life, and that you don’t have to watch him suffer physically and emotionally day in and day out. I really hope you take the time to educate yourself on what the “autism” of today really looks like for most of these children. http://www.regardingcaroline.com is another great example of a mother like myself, who will never give up on fighting for their child to get their life back, experience joy again, and to do everything they can to heal their child so that they may live a healthy and productive life.


    • Kat-

      We are so glad to hear that your daughter is doing better as a result of your 6 year fight against her health issues. We admire you so much. We know exactly what you mean when you said taking your child to the market without a massive freak out is a major accomplishment. We’ve “been there.” We love hearing you say that you will never give up on healing your daughter. We will never give up on healing our children either. Keep the faith! -Leah & Molly


    • Therase,
      I totally support your right to your own opinion, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. It is wonderful that you are happy with your son the way he is, but many of us parents are not. My son is 22, so back then, not much was known. Today he is still non verbal. Sometimes he will come home from his adult program crying, but cannot tell me what happened to make him cry, so I don’t know if maybe he just had a bad day, or someone hurt him. The only thing that calms him down from tantrums is watching Thomas the Tank Engine. So, getting back to what you said in your post about not wanting to “cure” your son….I would give my life to cure mine.


    • To Therase Fitzgerald Weeks, it’s very unfortunate for your son that you don’t want to try to “cure” him, as you put it. Biomedical treatments are effective for ASD because they get to the root of what’s causing the neurological symptoms. I have been doing treatments with my son who has Autism for 5 months now (mainly dietary interventions and supplements), and in that time, he has gone from non-verbal, to talking in sentences, his tantrums (which were once a daily occurance) are very infrequent, he rarely stims anymore, and is just overall a happier and more relaxed kid. If your child had a piece of glass stuck in his foot, would you not take it out? So if there are effective treatments out there that can help improve his quality of life, why would you not want to try them??? Just my two cents.
      My only regret about biomedical treatments is that I didn’t start sooner.


    • Having autism is not just being a “geek” – people with autism are really sick. They have major stomach issues, sleep issues, sensory issues – they are in pain. I wouldn’t try to change my child if he was just a “geek” – if playing a computer game with dad was what made a child to be considered autistic – all these parents wouldn’t be in uproars – wouldn’t be searching for a cause, wouldn’t be up late researching and worried sick about their children’s future – please think before you respond in such a callous way …. it is hurtful already as it is…


  6. I have been researching and reading and learning and stumbled on your site drawn from my own conclusions as a mother seeking answers. My child does not have autism but something that I can’t put my finger on. We did not vax but had a lot of tylenol usage. Thank you for posting this information. Yes-one more piece to the puzzle. I will also try clearing out the tylenol.


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  8. My daughter was not vaccinated and still developed ASD/Aspergers Syndrome type symptoms. I never took Tylenol while pregnant. She is 14 years old today. Today is her birthday. This information about the Tylenol and Autism Connection is a wonderful gift for her birthday. Maybe now, knowing this, I can figure out how to help her heal. First, thing I will do is STOP THE TYLENOL! Next heal the biochemical pathways that were disrupted by the Tylenol use. If you are interested in symptoms, her symptoms are mostly physical & social. For example she has poor immune function, low energy, tired all the time, sits on the couch and reads all day, poor motor skills, doesn’t/will not go outside or play with friends, chronic headaches, low muscle tone, poor coordination, just doesn’t feel well most of the time and social difficulty developing friendships, difficulty with eye contact, angry due to sensory integration issues and not feeling well… If anyone has suggestions on how to help her please let me know.


    • To Erin Acevedo,

      Have you had her tested for food allergies? I’ve heard and seen amazing results with the gluten free/caseine free diet in kids on the spectrum. But having her tested will give you a big piece of the puzzle. I believe that we can “heal” ourselves with the food that we eat. Dairy and meat are terrible for our bodies and development. Maybe start doing research (if you haven’t already) on diet changes.


    • Hi Erin,
      You probably won’t see this, since has been many months since your wrote the original post, but just in case, I wanted try and contact you. I also have a daughter who has never been vaccinated and has autism. Her symptoms are a little different. She has a lot of sensory processing problems, her verbal and cognitive skills are very limited, and she LOVES to be around people. She had her first dose of Tylenol well after she started exhibiting symptoms of autism and I think she’s only had Tylenol about 4 times in her life (She is 7.) I’ve tried the rotation diets, GF/CF, specific carbohydrate and nothing seems to fit the bill. Quite an enigma, like autism!
      I still don’t believe that either Tylenol or vaccines are completely safe when it comes to our kids neuro- development, but there’s still more pieces to this puzzle. With respect to Cuba, I think it is worth considering that the autism stats there were taken in 2006. Only in 2008 did cell phones become legally available in Cuba. There is a considerable amount of evidence that information carrying radio waves can significantly affect a child’s neurological development. We shall see if with increased use of cell phones and Wi-Fi if their autism numbers rise.


    • Hi Nancy, Thank you for responding to my post from April 14, 2012 (my dd B-Day). I really appreciate what you wrote. My daughter has a similar presentation as your daughter including no vaccinations, similar very limited Tylenol use, sensory processing problems, expressive language delays,…We are currently doing GF/CF/Sugar Free/Soy Free and did 6 months of SCD/GAPS. I think the diet helps to decrease inflammation in the Gut and Brain. I don’t believe vaccinations, diet and Tylenol are the whole story when it comes to Autism. I think they can create toxicity problems and probably make Autism more severe.
      Cuba’s Autism stats are intriguing. I’ve been thinking about Dr. Shaw’s lecture and the example of Autism in Cuba. I’ve been wondering if there are any other significant difference between Cuba and the rest of the Western Countries which have high Autism stats.
      You answered my question! Thank you! Thank you! The timing of your email is amazing, because I just finished writing a letter to the superintendent of our local public school about the dangerous effect of microwave radiation (a.k.a. radio frequency emissions) has on the brains of children. As you know microwave radiation comes from cell phones, Wi-Fi, wireless internet, cell towers, and cordless phones, and there continues to be big increases in the amounts of exposure to pregnant women, babies, and children. Yes, research shows that it does have a huge effect on a child’s neurodevelopment! According to Dr. Devra Davis, the author of the book, Dissconnet, radio frequency emissions weaken the the blood brain barrier. She discusses this topic in an interview with Dr. Mercola (www.mercola.com). She says, holding a cell phone next to the brain, weakens the blood-brain barrier (BBB), damage DNA, increase risk of cancer, decrease memory, increase neurological diseases…. I believe the weakening of the BBB explains what is happening in Autism. If the BBB weakens than any toxic material that is in your blood is going to be more deeply absorbed into your brain and the cells of your your brain. Toxic material could be anything in the modern world, such as, vaccinations, Tylenol, cigarette smoke, diesel gasoline, pathogens, bacteria, virus, yeast, food additives… I would love to talk to you about this topic. I think we share a common history, with no vaccines, little Tylenol exposure and an awareness of the dangers for radio frequency waves on a child’s development.
      On a more positive note, I have found some improvements for my daughter using MMS. Maybe it will help your dd? Let’s continue the conversation.


    • Hi Nancy,
      Here is a link to the interview, between Dr. Mercola & Dr. Davis, I referred to in my last email. http://ehtrust.org/dr-mercola-interviews-devra-davis-on-the-dangers-of-cellphones/
      There are transcripts and a shortened version of the interview on mercola.com

      BTW Baby Monitors are another source of exposure to those information carrying radio waves that effect a child’s neuro-development! I did use the Baby Monitor daily with my daughter. I would even place it next to her head! 😦 I wish they would put a warning on those monitors letting parents know that they operate using pulsed microwave signals, which penetrate the skull, and are absorbed into the developing child’s brain, causing developmental damage and Autism! I had no idea of the dangers of radio frequency radiation at that time. I am only now just starting to see the health dangers associated with this new technology.

      It is interesting the Cuba did not allow cell phones until 2008. Maybe that is why the 2006 Autism stats in Cuba are so low! Here is something I learned from Dr. Devra Davis, the author of Disconnect. Sometimes the answer is to look around your home, and get rid of the things that turn out to be bad for you and your families health.



    • I am just wondering if you tested her growth hormone levels? A lot of what your saying are symtoms of low production.


    • Thanks for your reply. I will have her growth hormone levels tested.


  9. And this is what every pediatrician says to give our children to reduce their fevers while they are sick with ear infections, croup, RSV, etc.


    • Yes – you’re so right! It is especially bad to give acetaminophen when someone is sick or has been drinking alcohol because the liver is in distress which causes even more problems with detoxifying acetaminophen. -L&M


  10. That’s so frightening and sad. I hope this isn’t what has caused the high increase in autism.


    • It is frightening. We definitely think it’s a strong contributing factor to the rise in autism. Just one more “piece of the puzzle.” -L&M


    • My son was not vaccinated but still regressed into autism…he had taken Tylenol around the time he was regressing. Smoking gun?????



    • That is so interesting! Especially since you didn’t vaccinate (smart move). Maybe the acetaminophen truly was the smoking gun! Just curious, does your child have any underlying health issues (e.g., gut issues, allergies, asthma, viruses, seizures, etc.)? -Leah & Molly


    • He has multiple food allergies, seasonal allergies and, around 10 years old, started having absence seizures.

      We use homeopathy and have had good success in acute situations. Has anyone here used homeopathy for “clearing” tylenol? Any reports would be
      nice. I am considering this.


    • What a great question about homeopathy for clearing tylenol! Homeopathy has actually been amazing for me (Molly) with Annie. I have an appointment with my homeopath in a few weeks and I’m going to ask about how to clear Tylenol. Our kids don’t have the seizures (must be nerve racking) but they are definitely allergy kids! -L&M


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