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Annie was now five years old and I had just come out of the worst depression of my life. I decided to try sequential homeopathy as a last-ditch effort to recover Annie. I wasn’t expecting it to work. I couldn’t handle getting my hopes up only to be crushed once again. I fully intended to give up on my quest to recover Annie if sequential homeopathy was another giant disappointment.

We started homeopathy while Leah was away for the summer. While she was gone, I had seen some amazing things. Most noteworthy, Annie was becoming conversational. Prior to homeopathy, Annie could speak in sentences, but only regarding things she cared about or wanted. There was no back and forth conversation… she was just blabbering. She couldn’t ask or answer any questions.

After two months of homeopathy, she was doing both. I could actually have a conversation with my daughter about her day, what she likes, what she doesn’t like, what she was thinking about… it was a dream come true. Also, Annie’s mood improved drastically. She seemed like the happy, smiley, care-free child she was prior to her regression.

My parents noticed the change. Her school noticed the change. Our neighbors noticed the change. But I didn’t want to tell Leah for two reasons. First, because I didn’t know if these changes would last. Second, because I knew Leah was the perfect person to tell me the truth. She would tell me if Annie really had changed because she hadn’t seen Annie in two months. Maybe everyone else was just trying to make me feel better.

Leah came home and we scheduled a time for the kids to play. I held my breath and didn’t say a word to Leah about the changes I had noticed in Annie. To my delight, Leah confirmed the exact same things I was seeing. I could tell by the look on her face and the tone of her voice, she was shocked and impressed. Annie even had a rudimentary conversation with her.

I was experiencing another “defining moment” with autism. I could feel that something was different this time… maybe this was actually going to work. I allowed myself to get my hopes up… just a little.

In another prayer session, craniosacral therapy popped into my head. I heard about craniosacral many years earlier, but had dismissed it immediately because it involves therapists laying their hands on the child in order to clear energy blockages. With Annie’s sensory issues, I figured my mom and I would have to hold her down while the therapists “did their thing.” I just wasn’t up for another “scream fest” so I decided not to pursue it. But now, because of homeopathy, her emotions were under better control. Maybe it was worth a try?

Our first craniosacral session was for two consecutive hours. I figured it was going to be a nightmare. I was blown away when Annie climbed right up on the massage table and cooperated with the therapists, without even making a peep of protest. For the first time since she regressed, I could see a look of relaxation and peace on Annie’s face. She loved it. In fact, when our two hours were up, that’s when Annie got upset… she didn’t want to leave. Luckily, we were there for treatments the entire week so we were able to get her to leave without too much of a scene.

After our week of treatments, we started noticing several changes. The most dramatic was that Annie’s sensory issues were drastically improved. She no longer covered her ears, she didn’t seem sensitive to light anymore, and she was no longer as picky about the clothing she wore.

Three months later, we went back for three more days of craniosacral treatments. Prior to the treatments, Annie could not write a thing, she hated drawing, and despised coloring. She was six years old at this point, so she should have been writing and enjoying arts and crafts. After the treatments, Annie came home and started drawing elaborate stick figure drawings that were very detailed. She even drew animals and scenes. All she wanted to do was draw. She was a drawing maniac for a week and then it happened… she started writing.

She wrote story after story. She probably had all these pent-up stories in her head that she was unable to express and now, she was thrilled that she could release them. Her handwriting was sloppy and hard to read and her drawings were not age-appropriate, but we couldn’t have cared less. We were thrilled that she actually liked drawing and writing!

Every month, we did more homeopathic “clears” where we gave her remedies to clear various traumas Annie had suffered during her life. Every month we saw more incredible gains.

After two years of steady monthly improvements with homeopathy: Annie’s OCD and anxiety went away, her verbal stimming became rare, she no longer got sick every other week, her coloring looked better (she looked healthier), the diarrhea went away, she told me she was no longer in pain, Annie was on target academically (except handwriting), she managed to make a few friends, and she was sleeping through the night (AMEN).

I can’t explain homeopathy as well as I’d like to. Most people in the USA think it is crazy or simply the “placebo effect.” However, it has actually been around longer than western medicine and is very common (accepted) in places like Europe. Homeopathy believes that “like cures like” (Sound familiar? Think vaccines.) and that the body has the ability to heal itself if that healing force is not suppressed (like it often is with autism).

All I can tell you is that sequential homeopathy and craniosacral resulted in giant improvements for my daughter. They are both energy therapies, so I believe they compliment each other and may have a synergistic effect. Will they work for your child? I wish I knew. That’s the frustrating thing about autism. As we all know, a one size fits all approach does not exist. However, I believe homeopathy and craniosacral therapy are safer than some of the other interventions out there and they likely won’t hurt your child. So maybe, they are worth a try.

You are now caught up to where Annie is today. She is, for the most part, a happy, well-adjusted 7-year-old.

Do I consider Annie fully recovered from autism? No. Not yet. But I have faith that she will be.

What is my definition of recovery? When Annie can attend a “regular” school (without a para or any other supports) and be indistinguishable from her neurotypical peers. I believe this goal will be achievable for Annie in the next 2-3 years. I’ll keep you posted as our story unfolds.

One more post to follow with my thoughts and takeaways from Annie’s story.

To be continued…

For parts 1 – 11 of Annie’s story, https://ventography.wordpress.com/category/annies-story/

For more about homeopathy, http://www.healthinducedautism.com/homeopathy.html

For more about craniosacral, http://www.healthinducedautism.com/craniosacral-osteopathic-manipulative-therapy.html


Author: A Ventography!

A Ventography is about: 1. Encouraging and empathizing with other parents on the autism spectrum. 2. Recycling and simplifying information on the latest autism news and health and diet tips. 3. Asking thought provoking questions designed to make us rethink what we've been told about autism. 4. Helping connect the dots that show, in some cases, autism is more than a brain disorder. 5. Challenging parents to rethink what they've been told, refuse the status quo, and escape the whirlwind of confusion.


  1. It is not uncommon to see head banging as a ‘symptom’/activity children with autism seem to gravitate to. A lot of reasons have been given for why this might be so commonly seen among autistic children. But I have often wondered if … in the activity of head banging … IS there a bit of a SELF-administered untrained cranial sacral therapy going on here? No they don’t have the schooling to know what they are doing … but they must be getting some benefit from it … so they repeat it. Could they be changing the energy flow in their heads with head banging?

    No, of course head banging is NOT the ideal why of going about getting the energy changes they desire/need … but since ‘head bangers’ are not receiving therapy from a trained cranial sacral therapist this is the best they’ve got.

    Just a thought …


  2. Thanks for all the helpful information. I’ve been trying to decide whether to give the Houston Ctr for Homeopathy a try and, after reading your blog, I think I will (for my 4-year-old son with autism). He has not responded that well to the DAN! protocol nor to classical homeopathy. I am glad to hear the detox reactions are not terrible and are short-lived. Also, I will have to check out cranial sacral therapy as that is something we have not tried. I am glad to hear your daughter is doing well! I dream of the day that autism is not my constantly top of mind….


    • Hi Charmaine,

      Molly is out of town until next week. I’m sure she’ll want to respond to your comment when she gets back. Happy Thanksgiving! -L


    • Hi Charmaine-
      I know what you mean about autism always being at the top of your mind! It’s still the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about at night. Homeopathy and craniosacral really were amazing for us but I wanted to throw out one other option for you. The practitioner we used at the Houston Center no longer works there. Her name is Jenice Stebel. Her website, if you’re interested, is…http://www.natural-health-resources.com. I also want to mention that recently, another friend of mine started using homeopathy for her 5 year old daughter. She did not have good results… the detox reactions were too strong. My theory as to why this happened for her daughter and not for Annie is because I had done so much to heal Annie through diet before beginning homeopathy. Where as my friend’s daughter is on a gluten free diet but one that is high in processed gluten free foods and too much rice. I think it is important to make everything from scratch as much as possible and to rotate foods so that the children don’t develop food allergies/sensitivities. I wish you the best of luck as you decide how to move forward to help your son!! Drop me a line and let me know how it’s going if you get the chance. -Molly


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    • i would love to know where you went for a week of cranial sacral therapy. Did you go see Viola in California? Also, did you go to houston homeopathics?


    • Hi Caroline- I went (and still go every 3 months) to Upledger (in Florida) for Craniosacral. Here is the web address if you want to read about it. http://www.upledger.com/. Rebecca Flowers is Annie’s therapist and then she brings in another therapist to work with her when we come. So Annie receives 3 days of craniosacral therapy, from 2 therapists at the same time, for 4 hours a day. And we do this every 3 months. Upledger believes that, for children with autism, it is better to do “intensive therapy” for several days in a row versus doing let’s say an hour a week. They like to use 2 therapists at a time because that way, one therapist can be working on brain connections and the other can be working on the gut (for example). In that way, they are able to straighten out the all important “gut-brain” connection. Where as, if only one therapist was working on Annie they wouldn’t have enough hands to work on both areas at once. As I said in my post, I believe craniosacral has done so much to alleviate Annie’s sensory issues (and the anxiety they caused her). Hope that helps! Thanks for reading, Molly


    • Thanks so much. Sorry that I missed this message when going through my email backwards.. I totally recommend that you try the Musgatova Method. It has done wonders for my child. They also work on the child for 6 hours a day. It’s expensive and requires follow through at home but its amazing work. There are family conferences all over the US now. You can also just go for an evaluation and then buy the CD’s. Svetlana Musgatova is totally gifted with these kids.s


    • Thanks for the tip. I’ve never heard of Svetlana Musgatova but I will definitely be googling the Musgatova Method. So you are saying you’ve been trained on how to work on your child yourself? How often/how long do you do it? What have you seen as far as gains etc. Thanks again for the info!! Molly


    • we do it 4-5 times a week. She is a different child-much more present and easy to handle.


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    • I just posted a question about sequential homeopathy and forgot to ask whether the healing reactions were intense.


    • Hi Caroline- for sequential homeopathy we use Houston Center for Homeopathy. Here is the web address… http://www.homeopathyhouston.com/. Annie’s practitioner is Jenice Stebel and I cannot say enough good things about her. She has changed our life by helping Annie. I believe she truly cares about her clients. To answer your other question – yes, the healing reactions have been quite intense at times. Annie has had several really high fevers, tons of awful rashes (that look like acid burns), she has been overly emotional (crying for no reason at all), she has had bouts of diarrhea, she has gone through periods where she couldn’t sleep, her gums have swollen up, she has lost her voice (along with cold like symptoms), and she has gotten terrible coughs just to give you some examples. But here’s the difference between the healing reactions I’ve see from homeopathy versus what we experienced when we were doing the DAN! protocol: one, the healing reactions only last for a few days at a time (versus weeks/months with DAN!), and two, when the reaction clears up, I’ve typically seen a step forward in something (be it language, academics, social skills, motor skills. etc.). Where as, with DAN!, Annie would regress and take 2 steps back. I truly believe that the reason Annie didn’t respond so well to a lot of the DAN! protocol was because it caused her to detox too rapidly. It seems like, with homeopathy, Jenice is able to help her detox at a pace and amount she can handle. Plus, she recommends remedies that support the major organs involved in detox (like the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system). So I haven’t seen the huge regressions with homeopathy that I saw with DAN!. Instead, it’s been small but steady monthly improvements over the course of the last 3 years. It is not a fast process but for me, it’s been less traumatic than the one step forward, two steps back that we experienced with DAN! If you have any other questions I am more than happy to answer them because, as you can probably tell, I am passionate about telling people what I’ve learned and trying to help in any way I can. Take care, Molly


    • Thanks, this is really helpful. folks here use someone called Rudy in Canada that does sequential homeopathy. Also, who did you see as a cranial sacral specialist? did you go to California to see Viola or find something else? I am curious because you mentioned that you did it for a week at a time.


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  6. An amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing with us all.


  7. I would be most comfortable with homeopathy…i just need to research this in my area. It’s interesting that at the last Central California Women’s Conference in my area, i met a few professionals that practiced GFCF diets and homeopathy with chiropractic wellness and massage – all said they’d had little to no clients with Autism but felt they could help my son. That just popped in my head! I need to find all their contact info.


    • I don’t think it was homeopathy alone that did it for Annie. It was the supplements, MB12 shots, mild HBOT, ABA therapy, diet, and OSR in combination with homeopathy (and cranoisacral). But it was the homeopathy that kicked everything into action and lead to quick and dramatic improvements. If you ever want to read about the place I use for Annie it’s the Homeopathy Center of Houston… http://www.homeopathyhouston.com/ (my homeopath’s name is Jenice and I love her!!!) We don’t live in Houston, but they do phone appts (I’ve never had to take Annie to TX). It is very expensive and they do not take insurance. But maybe there is a practitioner in your area that uses sequential homeopathy and is cheaper? I tried classical homeopathy many years earlier and it didn’t work. My personal opinion is that sequential homeopathy makes more sense for treating autism since it’s such a complex disease. But, of course, it’s different for every child. Hope that helps!! -Molly


  8. So happy to hear the happy ending 🙂 Congratulations on all your successes with Annie!


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