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You may be asking, “What’s point of Annie’s Story?”

One point I wanted to draw attention to is that significant progress past the age of five is possible. I have lived it with Annie.

Most of the recovery stories told in the autism community are about children who snapped out of it around age three from just a few interventions. While I am happy for those children and parents, I think there needs to be more discussion about gains made by children after age five. Their stories may not be as dramatic. Their improvements may come slower, but they do happen. In my opinion, hope should not be abandoned once our children reach a certain age. Those of us with older children need to share our successes, no matter how small, to keep each other going.

I also wanted to share a recovering story that had a lot of twists and turns, gains and losses, ups and downs. Our path has not been straight. I had to fail miserably many, many times in order to stumble upon the right combination of interventions to help my daughter. I pray that other parents can learn from my numerous mistakes and perhaps, have an easier journey.

Much to my dismay, Annie did not make significant gains due to one “magic pill” and she did not recover overnight like you often read about on the internet. The skills she has recovered are the culmination of a lot of interventions and four years of persistence.

While sequential homeopathy and craniosacral therapy had the most dramatic results for us, I believe many of the other things we did (and still do) have played a part in Annie’s progress. Just like lots of health assaults caused Annie to regress in the first place, I believe lots of treatments have helped her come back to us. To summarize, the combination of interventions that I feel have gotten Annie where she is today are:

  • Diet – GF/CF, eliminating allergy foods, rotation diet, paleo diet, organic, no processed foods
  • Supplements
  • MB12 shots
  • Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
  • OSR #1
  • Sequential Homeopathy
  • Craniosacral Therapy

We are no longer doing HBOT or OSR, however, Annie is still on all the rest of the items listed above.

The third and final reason I told this story is purely selfish. It was to have a written record of all we’ve been through as a family, how far we’ve come, and all that I have to thank God for. I certainly have days when I like to wallow in sadness, self-pity, and worry for the future. But when those days come, I am going to read the following to remind myself that I should not complain. Things are not perfect, but wow…they are so much better than they used to be.

I am thankful:

  • For every time my daughter is blabbering away about nothing (verbal stimming) because I remember when… she didn’t speak one word.
  • For every time my daughter leaves toys strewn all over my house because I remember when… she wouldn’t play with any toys at all.
  • For every morning when it takes my daughter a half hour to pick out an outfit that she will agree to wear to school because I remember when… she was so “out of it” that she didn’t even realize she was wearing clothes.
  • For every time she pesters me to buy her a million toys when we go to a store because I remember when… bringing her to a store resulted in a meltdown of epic proportions or she’d get so fixated on one toy that I couldn’t get her to move.
  • For every time my daughter interrupts me because I remember when… she wouldn’t acknowledge my existence and didn’t want to interact with me in any way.
  • For the little scraps of paper my daughter leaves all over my house because I remember when… she couldn’t write, draw, color or cut one thing.
  • For every time my daughter tries to play with another child, only to be rejected or made fun of, because I remember when… she isolated herself and stayed in her own little world.
  • For every time my daughter grabs my face, turns it towards her and says, “Look!” when she wants my attention because I remember when… all she did was stare at the ground.

If Annie had not regressed, I would have taken all of this for granted. I have come to realize Annie’s regression into autism is exactly what I needed to put life into perspective. Things that used to “rock my world” no longer cause me to blink an eye. I know what true pain and suffering is and I know true joy as well.

Daily, I realize I am present at a miracle and I will never get over being amazed by it.

I’ll keep you updated on Annie’s journey. And please let me know of any interventions that have worked for your child. I’d be nowhere on this journey without the advice of smart parents who are fighting every day to make their children’s lives better.

We were given these children for a reason. I think there are certain traits we share in common. Never giving up on our children is number one.

To conclude Annie’s story, I thought it would be fitting to provide a summary of her journey into and her journey (thus far) out of autism. Seeing her progression in one place, in my opinion, emphasizes how far Annie has come. If you are interested, please click the following link: http://www.healthinducedautism.com/annie-and-brody—then-and-now.html.

For parts 1-11 of Annie’s Story, https://ventography.wordpress.com/category/annies-story/


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A Ventography is about: 1. Encouraging and empathizing with other parents on the autism spectrum. 2. Recycling and simplifying information on the latest autism news and health and diet tips. 3. Asking thought provoking questions designed to make us rethink what we've been told about autism. 4. Helping connect the dots that show, in some cases, autism is more than a brain disorder. 5. Challenging parents to rethink what they've been told, refuse the status quo, and escape the whirlwind of confusion.

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  1. Hi Molly …

    I wanted to add something new since the last time I posted about B12.

    Since you thought the B12 shots were helping Annie but you had to stop because of the trauma of the shots. i wanted to suggest Transdermal as a cream…


    Here is a thread about someone who tried the SeaBlue brand by Dr Barbara Brierre (formerly called Panacea products transdermal vitamins) …


    here’s a section from that web page…

    ” it can’t hurt b/c it’s only water soluable vitamins and the B vitamins, magnesium and zinc do seem to have a calming effect. I’ve seen less and less of his Aspie symptoms. In fact, he is more social, he went to the dentist (pediatric dentist) who is great with kids but he’s always been very afraid. This time he stayed still for his cleaning and even took X-rays and SPOKE to the dentist. That was truly amazing b/c he used to have to be held to get his teeth cleaned and X-Rays were generally out of the question. I’m seeing definite differences in his personality. ”

    They are offering one free bottle with every purchase right now so I thought I’d post it here while the offer is still going on. I bought the ‘STRONG’ (calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and magnesium)…
    … and the Men’s ‘VIGOR’ (DHEA, saw palmetto extract, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, lycopene, selenium, zinc, magnesium, B-6, folic acid, and B-12)…

    I want to see if it helps my parents health since they are both in their mid 80s and my mom has been declining this past year. (And I have a lot of craving for dairy products so I ant to see if there is maybe a calcium absorption problem at the root of this).

    If I like what I see when I get it (tomorrow probably) I will order two more while they are offering one FREE …

    The B-12 with one of the following … either …
    Woman’s ‘BALANCE’ (magnesium zinc, B-6, B-12, and natural progesterone) …
    …and …
    ‘CALM’ (magnesium) …

    I am hoping most of my mom’s problems are mal-absorption related.

    OH … I switcher my mom to a different Magnesium supplement in pill form and have had REALLY good results over what I was getting with every other oral magnesium she tried in the past…

    Advanced Research – Membrane Complex – 100 Vegetarian Capsules …

    it has special forms of Magnesium/Calcium/Potassium that are easily absorbable by your cells …
    a combination of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium combined with the patented substance; 2-AEP. The 2-AEP is what makes these essential minerals absorb in your body so effectively. 2-AEP is an actual biochemical component which comprises the outer part of your cell walls. 2-AEP is one of the four (4) mineral carriers recognized by both medical doctors and scientists. This means that 2-AEP does just that: delivers the minerals it is combined with to your outer cell walls to strengthen, seal, and protect your cells from toxins and diseases entering and infecting your healthy cells

    My mom’s blood pressure is usually in the DANGER zone for stroke (between 180-ish and 200+) even prescription drugs do not usually get her below 180/high 170s). But with her taking the Advanced Research brand – “Membrane Complex” — she has been getting readings way BELOW 180. Mostly in the 130s-120s range. Could her blood pressure problems have been a magnesium/calcium/potassium absorption problem???
    ~ ~ ~

    Oh … I was at the library a week or so ago and someone there from PROJECT HOPE (the organization who is helping those effected by Hurricane Sandy – like me) was talking with me. They suggested I call about working with a sister organization of theirs that helps autistic and other disabled children (after I mentioned about the volunteer work I had done over the summer). It sounds perfect … but i am afraid to leave my mom right now for so long each day… I am making such improvements with my mom I think another couple of months of staying with her would make a MAJOR difference (life and death). I’ve been unemployed for awhile now it seems like now is not the right time to go back to work.

    But maybe I should just speak to them and explain my feelings in person … maybe I could do something volunteer with them for a couple of months and then if they have an opening later on I could take something. (They have several openings right now not just one). Rather than not call because I don’t want to be persuaded to take a full time job now maybe I should see them and explain my personal concerns about working full time at this moment … who knows it might lead to something that i could feel comfortable with. The only way they can offer me something that fits my needs is if they know what my needs are.

    I haven’t called the phone number they gave me yet … but maybe I should.

    Well that’s all for today…
    I know January is almost over but I will wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway …
    Joanne J.

    Oh and …
    My parents cat ‘came back’ a little before Christmas … we had seen her about once a week but every time she saw us she’d RUN for the hills like she never knew us (PTSD?) We ended up having to use a HavAheart humane trap that someone from the local health food store was nice enough to loan us.

    Once back inside and safe … she became her old self again emotionally after a day of staying in one room … then following me around like a little shadow all day for several days.

    She was HALF the weight she was when she got lose and ALL BONES when we got her back inside … but she is slowly gaining back her weight. I think if we had gone much longer she would have starved and died. We were putting out food for her every day after the first week … but every other animal in the area was eating it and not her (it looks like) … oh speaking of that, we have an outside cat we are still feeding now. (She looks a lot like our cat that got lose). But she was very skinny when we started putting food out for our cat and when we got ours back we didn’t have the heart to stop feeding her after she had been eating for a month and looking so healthy … so I guess we own a look-a-like outdoor cat now 🙂

    Something like the JOB story from the Bible … G-d takes away … and then gives you twice what you originally had in the first place.


    • Hi Joanne-

      Happy New Year to you too! So glad the cat is back. What a relief. That’s a great tip about the transdermal B12… and I LOVE FREE! I am sure our readers will find this information beneficial as well. Sounds like you would be perfect for Project HOPE but I totally understand why you don’t want to leave your mom alone right now after all the work you’ve put in to help her. Let us know what you decide. Thanks again for the great information! Molly


  2. Hi Everyone …

    Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

    This is Joanne J. posting another comment after awhile of not voicing … my mom has been very sick and bed ridden lately and my parents 12 year old cat got lose about 3 weeks ago when I was cooking dinner with a NON-stick fry pan and it started burning and smoking and letting off fumes. The cat most have run out the door when I went to put the pot outside because of the fumes (I know of birds that have died from those fumes).

    We saw it four times since then but it is traumatized and runs when we see it like it never knew us.It has reverted to feral cat mode (it was a feral kitten when we took it in 12 years ago). But I haven’t seen it in over a week so I’m worried it might have wondered away. We put out food every day (two other cats are coming regularly now). hopefully it will come back before it get cold. I am putting Rescue Remedy in the water bowl hoping that might calm her if she comes back.

    ANYWAY …
    Because of this I have been staying in the house whenever I can to take care of my mom and be here if the cat returns. And to pass the time … I’ve been surfing the web looking for health related info.

    I have been interested in something called ‘vanishing twin’ of recent and the health effects that it can have. Vanishing twin is when a pregnancy starts out as two or more fetus but during the course of pregnancy one (or more) is lost and fewer are born. Many single birth start out as twins but the weaker one dies before pregnancy. It can cause both health problems. Even if the surviving baby does not remember another baby in the womb on a subconscious level their is trauma and grief.

    There was some mention of it and a connection with B12 deficiency in the surviving twins and I ended up at a site for Doctors from the Netherlands (English language section of their site).

    I found something that I have been trying for the past several days that I feel has helped me. So I thought I’d post some links …

    (NOTE: they mention a link between Vitaamin B12 deficiency and Autism)


    (The above Page was developed for attendees of The International Symposium about Vitamin B12 in Nancy (France) on the 20th, 21th and the 22th of september 2012).

    And links to very interesting articles (Dr. Hans Reijnen) …


    (Dr Reijnen and others) …

    Dr Reijnen in addition to supplemental Vitamin B12 talks about HOMEOPATHIC B12… If I find a source for buying homeopathic methylcobalamine I will let you know.

    For now I am taking …
    4000 mcg of sublingual methylcobalamin a day (Solgar brand)
    and 2 pills a day of (Trader Joe’s brand) “B6/FolicAcid/B12”
    which has in each pill … 1000 mcg of B12 in Cyanocobalamin form of B12 (to get a second form of B12) and 800 Folic Acid (since two pills has the recommended amount of Folic Acid I am taking two and then getting my remaining 4000 mcg of B12 in methylcobalamin form (from Solgar brand) I have not found a Sublingual with Adenosylcobalamin yet so for now I am taking the Cyanocobalamin instead (in Trader Joes brand – which is a supermarket if you have them where you live … it’s their own brand).
    …And I am also taking …some HOMEMADE homeopathic methylcobalamin at 8x potency. Dr Hans Reijnen recommends taking the homeopathic version of the vit B12 at 30c then 200c then 1M then 50M then 100M. It is a lot harder to make those potencies homemade so for now I am just taking homemade 8x and will probably go up by 1x a week (homemade) ie … 8x 9x 10x etc …

    I feel I am getting noticeable benefit even though I have not taken the 30c (and higher) Dr Reijnen recommended.

    Here is the information I have used as a startning point and modified while I am looking for Adenosylcobalamin formof B12…

    “The International Symposium about Vitamin B12” also recommend taking the B Vitamins at the amounts below … (these quantities are for regular form B12 – NOT homeopathic)…
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Quantities plan:

    Therapeutic quantity

    Methylcobalamine 3000 mcg/day

    Adenosylcobalamine 3000 mcg/day

    Folic Acid 1600 mcg/day

    Supplete these quantities at least during three months

    Maintenance quantity for severe patients

    Methylcobalamin 1000 mcg/day

    Adenosylcobalamin 1000 mcg/day

    Folic Acid 1600 mcg/day

    Supplete these quantities during one year
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    source: bottom of page …

    Here is the link to the home page of the ENGLISH language version of the site…

    And the main page for B12 related info …

    … (the site is from Deurne, Netherlands)

    I thought you might find this worth reading … some opinions from Doctors outside America…

    … Joanne J


    • Hi Joanne-

      Sorry to hear about your mom and the cat. I am a big believer in B12. I use B12 shots myself but the homeopath I work with told me to stop the shots for Annie as they were causing her too much trauma. So, I am very excited you are making your own homeopathic version. I am going to see what my homeopath thinks of this for Annie. Keep us posted on how this works for you! – Molly


  3. Hi Everyone …

    I was GOOGLE-ing today looking for what I could find about Montessori and Autism and found an organization in London that was stared a few years ago combining the two … thought you might like a link to it…

    Montessori Education for Autism (MEfA) …

    Here is the web site’s Global page …

    This is a YouTube Video posted by Wendy Fidler,Trustee of MEfA…
    Montessori Education for Autism …

    Some other YouTube links that might be of interest …

    Is Montessori Education Suitable for Children with Autism …


    • Hi Joanne-

      This is so cool! We have never seen this before. We are planning to contact the people mentioned who are trained and live in the USA to see if they can help us. Thanks again for being so helpful to us! Molly & Leah


  4. As far as eating TUNA … and the risk of mercury …

    I only eat it once a month, often even less than that… and certain kinds are worse than others.

    Bigeye and Ahi both have the HIGHEST amounts of mercury so STAY AWAY from those kinds of tuna. White Albacore and Yellowfin are a little better but STILL HIGH so I do not eat those either. (Well every once and a blue moon I cheat and have GENOVA Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil which is a Yellowfin that tastes really good – IF I’m going to cheat … I don’t have it again for a REALLY LONG time).

    But in general I do NOT eat Tuna often and when I do I stick to any of the three lowest in mercury …
    the TUNA labeled CHUNK LIGHT and/or SKIPJACK and/or TONGOL generally have the lowest mercury levels as far as tuna goes. So read the labels and do not eat tuna too often.

    Here is a link about TONGOL …

    And a link about FISH in general and their mercury levels …

    When I eat fish I usually eat either Salmon – Sardines (really good source of calcium = especially good for those on a NO dairy diet) – Scallops – Shrimp – Tilapia -or- Flounder.

    I eat fish about once a week from the list below which is the fish Lowest Mercury

    * Anchovies * Butterfish * Catfish * Clam * Crab (Domestic) * Crawfish/crayfish * Croaker * Flounder * Haddock * Hake * Herring * Mackeral (N Atlantic, Chub) * Mullet * Oysters * Perch (ocean) * Plaice * Salmon ( Canned, Fresh) * Sardines * Scallops * Shad ( American) * Shrimp * Sole * Squid ( Calamari) * Tilapia * Trout (freshwater) * Whitefish * Whiting

    I am going to try experimenting with sardine recipes. Sardines is one of the healthiest fish and also LOWest in mercury.

    Nutrients in Sardines ( 3.20 oz-wt and their % of daily value ) …
    vitamin B12 = 135.1% /// tryptophan = 78.1% /// selenium = 68.3% /// omega-3 fats = 55.8% /// protein = 44.6% /// phosphorus = 44.4% /// vitamin D = 43.7% /// calcium = 34.6% /// vitamin B= 323.8% /// choline=16%


    • Thanks for the great information! We love fish but have been afraid to eat it. It is helpful to have a list of the safest types of seafood. Leah is really into sardines so if you come up with any good recipes please share! -Molly & Leah


  5. Hi …

    The photo above is of singer, musician, songwriter STEVIE WONDER multi million selling record artist and multi grammy winner over the years … with his former elementary teacher … taken a little more than a decade after she had him in her class. It is a photo from the 70s at the height of his musical fame.

    You mentioned the school you started that uses a teaching approach that is based on Montessori and ABA principles. And … how good it is to be able to see your children taught by people who don’t underestimate how smart they are.

    I thought I’d give an example of how a teacher valuing a person who has a disability and being able to SEE PAST that disability can make a difference in a child’s life for YEARS to come.

    Here is a link to a Paul Harvey REST OF THE STORY about how Stevie Wonder at less than 10 years old was shy and insecure because of his blindness … but an opportunity his elementary school teacher gave him to use his POWERFUL EARS to help find a mouse in the classroom would stay with him for years to come and help him realize he was valuable even if he couldn’t see like ‘normal’ kids his age…


  6. Hi Everyone …

    I posted for the first time on Ventography a little over a week ago on a page about GF/CF salmon burgers that I came across while surfing the web for a different way to make salmon. I ended up making it with tuna instead because I didn’t realize I didn’t have salmon in the house when I googled. It came out very good so thanks for the recipe.

    I am on a gluten free diet and no cows milk (but small amounts of goat butter and goat cheese or buffalo or sheep cheese as per a past doctor’s suggestion).

    I myself do not have any children with autism but … I have always had an interest in learning disabilities … my gut feeling is that I MYSELF am actually on the spectrum but high functioning enough that I slipped by without ever getting tested. And now … as an adult I am not sure I want to know … this may sound weird but either way … YES or NO … somehow I think a part of me would be disappointed to find out whether I really am or not.

    In 2008 I was diagnosed with severe Mercury Poisoning … I had it in the thyroid (I had a gigantic goiter that was cutting off air flow when I would bend my head to wash my hair in the sink), parts of the brain, heart and bone marrow. I am lucky to be alive today. And the goiter shrunk without surgery! But at some point I hit a plateau and ended up experimenting on myself to see what I could do to get back to the person I was before I became ill.

    Because many people think mercury has something to do with autism … I feel my experiences may be of some help. When I was at my worst I was a walking coma. I stayed alive I believe only because I felt I hadn’t really lived yet … as I never married or had children before I got sick. But because of the mercury in the bone marrow at the end before I was diagnosed I was in CONSTANT pain 24/7. I was meditating non-stop to make it from one day to the next. Keeping myself alive because where there is life there is hope and as long as I was alive I could try to find an answer and a way out of what I was struggling with.

    Writing things down is so important … I didn’t do that when I was at my worst because I couldn’t really do much of anything. But I know that as things improve it is so easy to forget how far you have come and to get discouraged if things take a step backwards or even stall for awhile and stay in one place. I suggest if anyone is journaling you might want to use a digital recorder (or keep it available … when things are at their worst it is the hardest time for us to keep records … but remembering the WORST helps us to realize how much better they are afterwards. We get used to anything and improvements can seem like they vanish as they become the everyday new norm.

    A few words about some of the things my doctor had me do for my mercury problems that do not require any medicine or doctors monitoring/intervention to try … so, if anyone wants to try them to see if they help. Also … These are things that cannot have a negative effect the worst that can happen is they have NO EFFECT at all.

    1) Our bodies do most of the detoxing of mercury when we are asleep during the nighttime. Many people with mercury toxicity have a sensitivity to EMFs … computers, fluorescent lights, TV, microwave ovens, cell phones, cell phone tower EMF emissions, etc. SO make sure at night there are no computers or TVs or DVD players or whatever on in the bedroom where the autistic child is sleeping. Turn all that stuff OFF at night (some patients went as far as unplugging everything which even is better than just turning everything off for those who are SUPER sensitive). ALSO sheet rock walls do not act as a barrier of any kind with EMFs so rooms adjacent to the bedroom should not have anything on (near the area the bed is in on the other side of the wall). I went so far as to move my bed to a different wall of my room because the electric wire coming into the house was near the wall I had my bed against and that was the worst part of the room and I couldn’t change that in any way … so I changed my bed. You can check stuff like that with a device that reads EMFs. I got a cheap one on eBay called “Cell Sensor” (cellular phone/EMF detection meter)… and used it to find the area in the bedroom that had the lowest reading when all electronics (except my lamp so I could see at night) were turned off/unplugged. If you have an electric alarm clock in the room do not put it right near the child’s head when they are sleeping. Put it further away or get an old fashioned wind up alarm clock if you can find any second hand.

    2) DIET … If you have TOO MUCH mercury in your system you probably have TOO MUCH CANDIDA (the bad bacteria in the intestines). He put everyone on a GLUTEN FREE / COWS MILK FREE diet. And kept non-cow milks (goat, sheep, buffalo) to a limited amount. SUGAR was also out of the question. (EVEN ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS … they are all bad news). If this was too hard to do at first then only allow sweets in the form of fruit or honey and slowly cut back until they are no longer being eaten. (Eventually you can put a bit of fruit or honey back in but not for awhile). You are basically starving the candida … they LIVE ON sweets!!! This he felt was the best way to kill off the candida because when they die off they actually release some mercury back into a persons system and if you kill off too many too fast it can greatly increase the mercury floating around in the body. I can give more detailed info on the diet if any would like it but these are the most important details.

    3) PROBIOTICS … You actually have to get the candida to die off to some degree before using Probiotics will have any effect. If the amount of candida is TOO overgrown you are throwing away money because probiotics need room to take ho9ld and if the candida is EVERYWHERE there is not place for the Probiotics to ‘take root’ BUT as the candida dies off the PROBIOTICS become VERY important for improvement to take place.

    Eventually … sweets in the form of fresh fruit can be added back into the diet as long as you do NOT overdo it.

    These three things will not cause harm … try them if you like and see if you notice any improvement after a little while.

    Hope this helps some of you …
    Joanne J

    PS: When I was almost at my worst and had made some improvement (my bone marrow which we detoxed first because it was the most dangerous of all my mercury problems). Sometimes when I would go into certain department stores I would feel like I was being electrocuted. Extreme pains that would cause me to have to leave the store. If any autistic children are ‘misbehaving’ in department stores they may be going through what I was. My best guess is that I was JUST BELOW the pain line (from mercury in my system) when entering the store and being under the florescent lighting for a certain amount of time pushed me OVER the line. It would usually happen in stores that had a LOT of florescent lighting or LOWER then average ceilings with florescent lighting. As I detoxed this eventually stoped because I think the amount of mercury in my system got low enough that the florescent lighting could no longer push me OVER the pain line anymore. That is what I believe was happening … to my best guesstimation.

    So if children are misbehaving/screaming/trying to get away from you in stores try taking them out of the store and into an area without florescent lights and see if they calm down. They may be experiencing what I was but not be able to put into words what they are going through.


    • I want to add one more thought …
      Has anyone tried a Montessori School with their autistic child???

      For those of you that do not know about the life of Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori Method … Her FIRST students were children who suffered from intellectual or developmental disabilities. No one expected her to actually TEACH these children … They merely wanted her to keep the children there … safe from harm. That was all that was expected of Maria Montessori. But she actually worked with them and experiment different approaches … trying to find out how to teach these children that were in her care. And …what Montessori scholars call… HER FIRST MIRACLE occurred when learning disabled children were brought to the level of normal children as shown on test results. She later tried her approach on ‘normal’ children … to study the potential when used there. And the Montessori Method seemed to disappear from use in the world of the learning disabled after Maria’s methods were adopted by teachers the world over.

      Here is some info on Maria and her methods …

      I believe that autism has a medical component at it’s root … but what Maria shows with her teaching style is that even without curing the medical problems … using different approaches then the norm in teaching these children can greatly increase their learning abilities.

      I do not know of any Montessori schools in America these days that are devoted to schooling the learning disabled. It seems the original ‘laboratory’ was left behind with the Montessori Method only to be used for typical ‘normal’ school children as years have passed since it all began back in 1907 in Italy. But what if it was tried again in modern times?

      it seems to me that it would be a good idea for a group of mothers with autistic children to get together and try to hire a teacher that has been trained in the Montessori Method to bring the teaching style Montessori introduced back to it’s roots and see what kind of results it can get on modern children with learning disabilities. Unfortunately her original methods have been modified over the years by the different countries and different schools. But hopefully enough of the original approach can be recovered to show success in this area again.

      A group of mothers might want to get together and try to find a retired teacher that is interested in doing it part time and having her meet with the children in rotating locations at different parents houses.

      Or maybe if you call around the local Montessori schools you can find one who might be interested in starting a second group devoted to autistic students during the hours when the school is not being used for the core group of students.

      If you see improvement worth going further with maybe you can eventually create some kind of full time school if enough parents are interested in pooling their money together. Or just keep it as supplemental to the main education.

      Just an idea …
      … Joanne J


    • Hi Joanne- It’s like you read our mind! We actually started a school where we live for special needs children and the teaching approach is based on Montessori and ABA principles. We are in our second year. It has been challenging but worth it to see our children taught by people who don’t underestimate how smart they are. Thanks for your comment. -Molly and Leah


    • Hi Joanne-

      Thanks so much for sharing your personal story with us and our readers! You have been through so much and we now understand why you are so knowledgeable about autism and health. We loved how you explained what may be happening for children who freak out in stores… how awful to feel like you are being electrocuted! It makes sense – they are truly in a “fight or flight” response. Thank you for the tip about EMFs, diet, and probiotics. You mentioned you made the recipe we had on our blog with tuna… do you know of a source of mercury free tuna? We love tuna but have been too afraid to eat it (or let our children eat it) due to the high mercury levels. -Molly and Leah


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  10. Molly: A great post. My son, who has a diagnosed immune disorder, is undergoing very similar treatments and we really find that he is healing. I can’t say enough about sequential homeopathy, especially, but he’s also on a special diet, supplements and undergoing cranialsacral therapy. Our list of treatments are here: http://crystalchild.wordpress.com/supplements/

    I added your blog and your other amazing website to my blog list here: http://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/healing-children-with-autism/


    • Hi Janice – Thank you so very much for listing our blog and website on your blog! Your blog is amazing. We were really impressed. You are doing such a service for people by listing all those recovery stories (strategies) in such a well organized fashion. We can’t wait to read through all the blogs you listed. We are so honored you chose us. We’re going to add your blog to our resource section on our website right away. Thanks again, Molly & Leah


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  12. Beautiful post! I loved it! Thank you for your list of things you’re thankful for….I have a similar one 🙂


  13. This post brings tears to my eyes…keep up the good work!! The world needs people like you and Annie!


  14. My son is 18. My thankful list is not as long as yours, but I am thankful for anyday I get an unprompted soft kiss on the cheek. He was 7 when I got my first one, while my friend who had a child at the same time I did, had her son leap into her arms, wrap his around hers and smother her in kisses. I got a peaceful sweet tender (somewhat drooly) kiss on the cheek unasked.


    • That brings tears to my eyes. I remember my first unasked kiss too! There is nothing better. I know what you mean when you have a close friend with a child the same age as yours… it can be really painful. Thanks so much for commenting. -Molly


  15. In the early days, the scenario is always one painted bleak. However, I know, it does get better – naturally.


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