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We are combining ideas from two articles we came across about mandatory participation in vaccine trials.

This idea burst on to the scene back in January of 2012 when Oxford University’s Susanne Sheehy and Joel Meyer wrote an article entitled Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?  The article was published in the American Medical Association’s Virtual Mentor journal.

This week, we read an article/interview between Natural News and Dr. Blaylock outlining reasons against requiring mandatory participation in vaccine trials.

Below, we give a high level summary of what the articles said in favor of compulsory vaccination. Then, we summarize the arguments against compulsory vaccination.

As always, the links to the full articles are included at the end of our summary.

 Reasons Participation in Vaccine Trials Should be Mandated:
  • To date vaccination has saved many lives and has the potential to save millions more, especially if vaccines are developed against the “big three”: malaria, HIV, and TB.
  • The lack of animal models that can reliably predict vaccine efficacy means that development still unavoidably relies on testing of novel vaccines in healthy individuals.
  • In recent decades there has been a significant decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials, a decline that has the potential to become a key rate-limiting factor in vaccine development.
  • “Someday there’s going to be a big pandemic and if the vaccine industry doesn’t have this machinery and this investment in its infrastructure it won’t be able to churn out the cure that saves us all from total death and destruction.”
  • For every one person that is killed from a vaccine trial, maybe a million people will be saved, thus it’s for the greater good of society.

Dr. Blaylock’s Response Against Compulsory Vaccination:

  • It’s a violation of the Nuremberg medical code that is supposed to protect the public against being experimental animals for governments or vaccine companies.
  • It’s against the founding principles of our country. It is not consistent with the values of a free republic, rather it is socialist in nature.
  • A lot of the damage done by vaccines is hidden from the general public because: the mainstream media doesn’t cover it and it’s extremely difficult for a parent to appear before the vaccine injury court, let alone to get a settlement.
    • Blaylock says that often (like with Gardasil) the serious complications of vaccines exceed the death rate from the disease we’re vaccinating against. If we, the public, had accurate data on vaccines injury/death, we would see that we are “…harming more people than benefit from the vaccine.”
  • Blaylock argues that we (the USA) do have the capability to respond to a mass pandemic, however, the vaccine makers likely would not make the huge profits they are used to unless the vaccines were mandatory.
  • Sticking vaccines into the muscle of our children’s arms and legs actually suppresses the immune system. It causes the immune system to switch to TH2 type cytokine production, which inhibits immunity and leaves you with little protection against viruses and bacteria.
    • Dr. Blaylock says if you look on the CDC site they’ll tell you, “…if a child gets a HIB vaccine, for the next two weeks, they’re much more likely to get HIB and to die from it than they would if you didn’t give them the vaccine.”
  • Blaylock says that we, the public, have been led to believe that vaccines have controlled epidemics, but in actuality, “The vaccine came out at the very end of the fall in these infections.  The reason is, when you get natural infections, over time the population develops massive immunity to the infection.”
  • Blaylock mentions a “secret conference” called the Simpsonwood Conference held in Georgia where big wigs from the vaccine industry met to discuss whether giving mercury containing vaccines caused neuro-developmental problems. They concluded that mercury containing vaccines did cause a problem. When the chairman of the committee heard the data, he said he no longer wanted his grandchild to be vaccinated. Blaylock feels this is a common occurrence… that the very people pushing vaccines do not allow themselves, or their loved ones, to be vaccinated because they have knowledge we (the general public) are not privy to.

Blaylock’s Public Challenge to Anyone Pushing Mandatory Vaccination:

  • We (the public) should be able to see the vaccine records of anyone pushing mandatory vaccination (to see if they actually have been vaccinated).
  • If they have not been vaccinated, they should be publicly vaccinated with “off the shelf” vaccines like our children are (not a specially formulated version of the vaccine that has the toxic ingredients removed).
  • He wants the heads of the vaccine making companies, and their Boards of Directors to be vaccinated with every vaccine they manufacture.
  • He believes that if all vaccine pushers had to respond to this challenge, we would hear a lot less about mandatory vaccinations.

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A Ventography is about: 1. Encouraging and empathizing with other parents on the autism spectrum. 2. Recycling and simplifying information on the latest autism news and health and diet tips. 3. Asking thought provoking questions designed to make us rethink what we've been told about autism. 4. Helping connect the dots that show, in some cases, autism is more than a brain disorder. 5. Challenging parents to rethink what they've been told, refuse the status quo, and escape the whirlwind of confusion.


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