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Just two moms letting off some steam




It was supposed to be a glorious Memorial Day celebration among friends.  Two families who have children with autism having fun, relaxing around the pool. No judgment, no pretending, no stress. We were all in the same boat. The men were on the patio discussing men stuff. I was talking with my friend Debbie by the pool.

Debbie is the mom of triplets – two of them have autism. They were seven years old at the time.

My middle son, Nolan, came through the screen door and needed my attention. I took my eyes off Brody (my youngest son who has autism) for just a millisecond to talk with him. In that timeframe, Brody (who was then 5 years old) had somehow fallen into the deep end of the pool, without making a sound, and was lying there motionless. Next thing I know, Nolan said, “Mom – I think Brody is drowning.” I looked and saw him there, eyes open, with his arms over his head. I went into overdrive and jumped in the pool to save him, clothes and all.

I pulled him out. He coughed up water, but was alert and seemed fine. I, however, was not. I couldn’t breathe. I had come to understand why drowning is called the “silent killer.” When I say Brody didn’t make a sound, HE DID NOT MAKE A PEEP. There was no noise as he fell in the pool, he never splashed, yelled help, or made any sound trying to fight for his life. Four adults and two middle schoolers were all outside, steps away, and yet nobody realized this had happened until Nolan sounded the alarm.

My husband kept telling me everything was okay, but all I could think about was what might have happened.  Brody was petrified of swimming for the next two years and that was fine with me.

Even though I was emotionally exhausted, our friends decided to stay for dinner. We thought… what else could go wrong? We had no idea what was coming next.

After dinner, it was time to round-up the kids to go home. Debbie’s husband, Bob, went to put Katie (one of the triplets with autism) in the car. We all followed out to the garage to help carry their bags, etc. Finn, their other triplet with autism, was reading a favorite book on the couch, happy as a clam. Or so we thought…

Once Katie was safely strapped her in her car seat, we came back in the house to get Finn, but he was nowhere to be found. Finn had a habit of sneaking into people’s closets to go to sleep, so we all figured he was upstairs in a closet.

We searched every closet and did not find him. We started to get a little panicked. We sent one of the older children to the garage to watch Katie while we continued the search for Finn. In that timeframe, Katie had locked us out of the car, with the engine running!

We decided to “divide and conquer”. The dads focused on talking Katie into opening the car door. And the moms began the mad search for Finn. (Nolan was assigned to watch Brody). We were completely freaked out because we had ruled out the possibility that Finn was inside the house. We worried, maybe he had drowned in the pool or the pond that was behind our house.

The dads finally talked Katie into opening the car door. Her dad took off in the car to drive the field behind our house, shining the headlights so that he could look for Finn in the pitch black and rainy night.

My husband, Tom, and my oldest son were now running up and down our street, knocking on every door, and yelling at our neighbors to help look for Finn. I got on the phone to 911 and pleaded with them to hurry – there was a little boy with nonverbal autism who was lost. At that moment, my friend Debbie let out what I can only describe as a primal scream.

Inside, I wanted to throw up. I felt responsible because this had happened at my house. I was mad that I didn’t call the whole thing off after Brody had almost drowned. Why had we tempted fate? Despite my overwhelming guilt, I knew I had to keep it together for Debbie’s sake.

911 called us back and asked if Finn was wearing pink shorts, a flowered shirt, and was holding a book. That was our Finn! We got Finn’s location from the 911 operator and Tom and Bob jumped in the car and flew to the scene where they were met by an irate couple and a police officer. Finn had run all the way up our street (about a half a mile), crossed a busy two lane road, and almost made it to a major highway when the couple, sensing something was not right, stopped him.

The couple who found Finn was angry because they felt Bob and Debbie were irresponsible parents. They should have watched Finn more closely and they felt Finn should have had his name in his clothes or worn an identification bracelet due to his communication issues.

While we appreciated these strangers for keeping Finn safe, the last thing Bob needed, at that point, was to be scolded. We knew they were lashing out because they were afraid, but they unfairly judged Debbie and Bob. They had no idea what it’s like to deal with two children with autism 24/7 and how much effort it takes to keep them safe. Sometimes, when you’re out of your element and routine, unforeseen events occur.

We were all emotionally drained and knew this was a life changing event.

We were not careless parents. We were parents who were dealing with three children who have autism, attempting to enjoy Memorial Day like everyone else. We just wanted to relax, enjoy a peaceful day, and be “normal” for once. Perhaps we were guilty of letting our guard down.

That day, we learned parents who have children with autism simply don’t have the luxury of letting their guard down… EVER.




Bucket of Toxins Theory... we can’t remember who we heard this from but… we believe that our kids are born with a bucket already semi full of toxins, where as a neurotypical child is born with an empty bucket. Then, as our children are exposed to pesticides, food additives, VOCs, and immunizations (to name a few) their bucket begins to overflow. This is when you can see a major regression seemingly overnight. Our job as parents is to empty our children’s buckets and to keep them from overflowing ever again. Educate yourself on the toxins in our food, water, air, soil, clothes, toys, etc. and minimize exposure to the ones you can control.

Some Supplements/Drugs Create New Problems..we are not bashing supplements. There are some supplements we feel we could never stop giving our children. However, we were surprised to learn that some supplements, that seem beneficial at first, can create a bigger problem in the long run.

For example, I began giving Annie 5HTP to help her sleep. At first, it was amazing. She actually slept through the night! But then, I realized I had to keep upping the dose in order for it to keep working. When I asked why this happened, it was explained to me this way. Annie’s brain did not manufacture enough 5HTP/tryptophan on its own so when I first gave her the supplement, her body responded well and worked the way it is supposed to (which is why she slept). But after some time, the 5HTP said to Annie’s brain, “you don’t need to manufacture this anymore, I’ll do it for you”. So Annie’s brain quit making any 5HTP at all and she ended up having a bigger deficit than before which is why I had to give her more and more of the supplement.

The point to this story? Do your homework before giving a new supplement or drug to your child. Look up potential negative side effects and interactions for yourself.

Follow You Child’s Lead... we all know our kids are super sensitive, right? Well, this can be challenging but it can also be very beneficial. For instance we believe our kids can size things up more quickly than most people (including us). For example, they know when people have good hearts. And they know when a particular treatment is beneficial for them. When I (Molly) tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Annie, she absolutely loved it at first. She would ask me to take her in the chamber. But when I increased the amount of “dives” (treatments) we were doing, she began to fight me about getting in. And when we got out, she no longer seemed healthier and energized. Instead, she became aggressive and Leah swears to this day that she was having mini seizures. Eventually, I paid attention to what Annie was telling me (through her actions/behavior) but I should have responded a lot sooner. This is something I still feel guilty about. Pay attention to the signals your child is giving you. They have extraordinary inner wisdom.

Is there anything you’ve learned along the way that you’d like to share? Email us and we may post your suggestion on our website, Health Induced Autism.

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Health First... we have seen so many physically ill children who are in tremendous pain enduring hours of therapy every day. Then, the parents wonder why their children aren’t progressing. To us it seems obvious. How much do you feel like having people demand you perform and learn new things when you’re in bed with the flu? You don’t! You want everyone to get out of your face and leave you alone. Well that’s how our kids feel too.

We believe therapy or school will not be as effective until a child’s health has been somewhat restored. Once they have a healthy foundation, they are able to learn and retain information and your money will be well spent. Just to be clear – we believe therapy is a hugely valuable piece of the recovery process. We just feel there should be an order to things. They may not be ready for 40 hours of ABA per week if they are having diarrhea 6 times a day and they can’t keep themselves from falling asleep at the table.

Drainage Support is Key... we believe that if you begin to detox or chelate your child, you should have support in place for the major organs that get stressed by the removal of the various poisons like: the liver, the kidneys, the lymphatic system, the pancreas, and the thyroid. Also, we think parents should be aware that as you are taking out the poisons, your child’s minerals are also being stripped and the toxins can do additional damage on the way out. Be careful, go slow, and test to be sure your child’s organs are handling the treatment appropriately.

There is No Such Thing as Toddler’s Diarrhea For a Year..if your child has diarrhea that is chalky white or orange or yellow or phlegmy or foamy or pure water and you can smell it from a mile away, you have a problem! That is hard core bacteria and your child needs help (and we don’t mean antibiotics). Please do not fall for the line that it’s fine and your child just has a case of “Toddler’s Diarrhea” like Molly did. This is the body’s way of alerting you to bigger problems to come. Please don’t miss the warning sign. Go to a professional that will really listen to you and get to the root of the problem and not simply dismiss you or give you a band-aid treatment by whipping out their prescription pad.

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Developmental Delay Is Not Okay when our kids were toddlers, everything was labeled “developmental delay”. Most times, you were told not to worry about it and your child will “grow out of it”. It was easier to trust the “professionals” than to go with our guts which were screaming at us to wake up and realize we had a serious problem. We lost valuable time meanwhile, our children’s nervous systems were shutting down and more damage was being done every day. If your instinct is telling you something is not right, take action!

No Mega Dosing of Supplements… More is Not Always Better... we were taught that because our kids have so much damage to their guts, you have to give them mega doses of certain things so that at least a tiny bit will actually be absorbed and utilized. We have come to disagree with this point of view. It makes no sense. As an example, think about when you take a supplement on an empty stomach. Doesn’t it make you nauseous or make your stomach hurt? The same is true for our kids. We believe mega doses eat away at their stomach linings and cause new imbalances. We believe the key to having our kids absorb supplements is to use liquids/capsules whenever possible and space the doses out… three smaller doses, three times a day rather than one big dose all at once. And we don’t give supplements on an empty stomach. We give them after meals.

The Wack-a-Mole Theory… we were taught that first you go after yeast, then virus/bacteria, and last heavy metals. However, we found that as we went after yeast, for example, virus and bacteria would then rear their ugly heads. Then, we’d go after virus and bacteria and suddenly the yeast would come back stronger than ever before.

We believe that yeast, virus, bacteria, and metals should be attacked all at once for true progress to occur. For example, I really attacked Annie’s yeast at one point. I fed her no sugar or carbs of any kind. I gave her large doses of probiotics and several anti candida herbs, however, all that happened was that her behavior got worse than ever because I caused her viruses to flare. If they are not fought at the same time, you simply get rid of one problem to create another.
Just to be clear, we are not contradicting our no mega dosing theory (above). We believe you can attack yeast, virus, bacteria, and metals all at once but still with a “slow and steady” approach.