A Ventography!

Just two moms letting off some steam




After Annie’s regression, I spent three months being held hostage by depression. I spent my days crying and praying Annie would come back to me to no avail.

On her second birthday, something made me “snap out of it.” I started hearing a loud clock, ticking over my head, reminding me I had no time to waste (this clock still plagues me to this day).

I was ready to take action. If early intervention was key, I was ready to intervene. I was a computer researching madwoman.

One day, while reading about therapy for autism, I stumbled on the words:

Autism – Recovery is Possible.

This was, for me, another defining autism moment. Those four words gave me the hope I had been missing for the last several months. I had never heard children could recover from autism, let alone did I know anything about how health relates to autism. My brain was on fire with excitement. I did not leave my computer for the next week. I read about special diets, supplements, chelation, etc. until I thought my eyes would fall out.

“Sign me up; where should I start?” I asked myself. The Gluten Free Casein Free (GF/CF) diet seemed pretty low risk. I called my mom to ask her what she thought. She thought it couldn’t hurt, so I immediately called my husband and asked him to meet me at Whole Foods Market (even though it was 8pm). I had him watch Annie so that I could concentrate on buying a whole new array of foods.

I made Annie go GF/CF cold turkey and she was not pleased. Prior to the diet change, she lived on cheese and pizza. Annie went on a hunger strike and I contemplated throwing in the towel, but something told me to keep going… I had to at least give it two weeks. Prior to the diet, Annie walked with her head down and arms out to the side like a robot, making strange “gunk-gunk” noises all day long. Her noises were like nails on a chalkboard to me.

After 2 weeks of the GF/CF diet, it was like a fog had been lifted for Annie! She actually looked up for the first time in months. She even looked in my eyes occasionally. I felt like she was aware of my presence again and she cared whether or not I was around. She started using a few gestures and even a word here and there to communicate with us.

Although the GF/CF diet certainly wasn’t the dramatic cure for Annie that I read about on the internet, her subtle improvements were enough to keep me going. I knew I was on the right path with the diet, but I needed to keep adding more building blocks.

Up next…supplements. I was off to the races!

To be continued…

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For more information on the GF/CF Diet go to http://www.healthinducedautism.com/gluten-freecasein-free-gfcf-diet.html.




TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK FOLLOWING LINK→   ramen-digestion_n_1263825.html?ncid=webmail6

While we lived on Ramen noodles in college, once autism came into our lives, we became believers in the importance of a healthy, whole foods diet. We now regularly annoy our friends and family members by lecturing them on the dangers of processed foods – preservatives, additives, etc.

When we saw this video, we felt validated. Here, before your very eyes, you can see the difference in how your body processes “real” versus “fake” (processed) foods.

We feel this is especially important viewing for the autism community, since so many of our children have severe gut issues. From this video, one can see that processed foods like Ramen and Gatorade stay fully formed in the stomach for hours. Where as, whole foods are easily broken down and processed for utilization as nature intended.

Please take a few minutes to watch this thought-provoking video.