A Ventography!

Just two moms letting off some steam





The Gluten Free Casein Free Diet turned the lights back on for Annie, so I knew I had to keep going. Next up, supplements.

I decided to begin giving Annie a multi vitamin, enzymes, probiotics, and fish oil (EPA/DHA). After I pain stakingly made my supplement concoction, Annie would give it a sniff and spit it all over me as soon as the first few drops would hit her lips. My hands, my clothes, and my whole house smelled like rotting fish. I thought, “I can’t live like this.” But again, the voice in my head told me to keep going.

Even though I didn’t think she could understand me, I told her the supplements were not a choice. It was obvious, from looking at her, that she wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed from her food.  She was malnourished from all the diarrhea. It was “do or die” time. I knew if I let her get away with refusing the supplements now, she would never take them. I explained I was giving her these things to stop her diarrhea and to help her feel better. I tried again to give the supplements and she went to spit them out, again. So, this time, I closed her mouth and held it until she swallowed. She looked at me like I was the meanest mother who ever lived. But you know what? She looked at me!

My mom and I went through several days of holding Annie to get her to take the supplements. Any time I contemplated giving up, I thought about parents who have to hold their children down for chemo or radiation… they don’t want to do it, it hurts them to see their child in pain, but they know it’s what is best for their child. If they manage to help their child deal with all sorts of needles and scary equipment, I could certainly get my child to take some vitamins! After a week, Annie gave in and realized this was simply our new way of life and it wasn’t worth the energy to fight it. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I had written down every word Annie ever said before she regressed and to my surprise…within a few weeks of Annie taking the supplements, she had all those words back plus a few more. I realize now how lucky this was since I’ve had plenty of friends and acquaintances who’ve tried supplements with few gains. Supplements were not a miracle cure for Annie… we still had to deal with diarrhea, dark circles, rashes, toe walking, motor deficits, social deficits, language deficits, and sensory issues up the ying yang. But I was encouraged never the less.

Time to take this to the next level and get some professional help. DAN! doctors here we come.

To be continued…

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