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To refresh your memory, we had recently returned from a house hunting visit down south. During our trip, Brody had done something very strange… he began jutting his arms out in front of him like he was being electrocuted. This was the moment I knew I could no longer ignore my mother’s instinct which was shouting at me that something was wrong. Upon our arrival at home, I called Brody’s early intervention therapist to tell her about the arm jutting incident. Did she think autism was a possibility? Her response, “I don’t think so. It’s just too early to tell. He doesn’t display the characteristics of a “typical autistic.” Give him more speech therapy and he will progress. Remember, he is a boy and typically they talk later than girls.”

I wanted to believe her, but I was still unsettled. So, I made another useless appointment with the pediatrician. The doctor reviewed Brody’s chart and we discussed his health history. She felt strongly that his frequent ear infections had “probably” contributed to his speech delay. Since he recently had tubes put in and his tonsils and adenoids removed, she wanted to give him time to catch up. There was no need, at this point, to be an alarmist she told me.

Once again, I brought up Brody’s stomach issues. “Well, what about his daily bouts of foul-smelling yellow diarrhea? The acid burns on his bottom?  Could this be indicative of anything?  It seems to be lasting an awfully long time.”

She chuckled, “No, no, no. It’s probably toddler’s diarrhea. I see this all the time. He will grow out of it.”

I then demonstrated the weird arm movements Tom and I had witnessed a few days earlier. She asked if we had seen Brody do it again. “No,” I replied. She had no explanation for the behavior and asked if I had any other concerns. I had the feeling she was thought I was looking for things to be wrong with Brody.

“Could his language delay be a result of being knocked unconscious?”  I asked. I re-told her the story of what happened to Brody six months earlier.

It was around 6:00 pm and Brody was dressed in his pajamas playing in our family room. He came running over to me to give me a hug and tripped.  In slow motion, I could see the events unraveling in front of me. There was nothing I could do to stop him. I was utterly helpless. Brody fell head first into the corner of a table with a tv on top of it. He fell backwards and his body became limp. I was quiet, waiting for him to get up and cry. But he didn’t. Brody just lay there with a large dent in his forehead, his eyes closed. I interrupted the eerie silence with my scream.

I shook him hoping to spark life back into him. My husband grabbed him and I ran to the phone to call 911. I pleaded with them to get there as fast as possible.  I have never been so frightened in my life. We could not get him to respond. I was hysterical. The EMTs arrived and made the decision to have the Life Flight helicopter land in our front yard and airlift him to Johns Hopkins.

Brody was now coming to, but the EMTs did not want to waste valuable time taking him by ambulance. I remember getting in the helicopter and seeing the faces of my neighbors as the EMTs carried Brody out on the stretcher. They did not want to meet my eyes.

We stayed the night at the hospital watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos and were released early the next morning. Brody had been diagnosed with a mild concussion. The doctor was not overly concerned about future ramifications and did not recommend a follow-up plan. “Kids are pretty resilient,” he assured me.

Brody’s pediatrician listened to me re-telling the story and responded by saying it was highly unlikely his concussion contributed to his lack of language. Her recommendation was to continue using early intervention services. And that was that.

I was noticing a pattern in my life. Most of the doctors and therapists I came in contact with did not put much stock into my concerns about Brody. They were very dismissive and at times, defensive if I questioned them. Why was that?

Is it because modern medicine has become too focused on a “one size fits all approach?”  Why is the majority of the medical establishment not willing to dig deeper and look past surface symptoms? It is imperative for health professionals to listen to the thousands of parents pleading for doctors to hear them and not shrug off their concerns. Is this too much to ask?

If no one was willing to dig deeper into my concerns I would have to take matters into my own hands. My new mission was to find someone who would listen and finally, help me. 

To be continued.

Healing Brody – Parts 1-4


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Developmental Delay Is Not Okay when our kids were toddlers, everything was labeled “developmental delay”. Most times, you were told not to worry about it and your child will “grow out of it”. It was easier to trust the “professionals” than to go with our guts which were screaming at us to wake up and realize we had a serious problem. We lost valuable time meanwhile, our children’s nervous systems were shutting down and more damage was being done every day. If your instinct is telling you something is not right, take action!

No Mega Dosing of Supplements… More is Not Always Better... we were taught that because our kids have so much damage to their guts, you have to give them mega doses of certain things so that at least a tiny bit will actually be absorbed and utilized. We have come to disagree with this point of view. It makes no sense. As an example, think about when you take a supplement on an empty stomach. Doesn’t it make you nauseous or make your stomach hurt? The same is true for our kids. We believe mega doses eat away at their stomach linings and cause new imbalances. We believe the key to having our kids absorb supplements is to use liquids/capsules whenever possible and space the doses out… three smaller doses, three times a day rather than one big dose all at once. And we don’t give supplements on an empty stomach. We give them after meals.

The Wack-a-Mole Theory… we were taught that first you go after yeast, then virus/bacteria, and last heavy metals. However, we found that as we went after yeast, for example, virus and bacteria would then rear their ugly heads. Then, we’d go after virus and bacteria and suddenly the yeast would come back stronger than ever before.

We believe that yeast, virus, bacteria, and metals should be attacked all at once for true progress to occur. For example, I really attacked Annie’s yeast at one point. I fed her no sugar or carbs of any kind. I gave her large doses of probiotics and several anti candida herbs, however, all that happened was that her behavior got worse than ever because I caused her viruses to flare. If they are not fought at the same time, you simply get rid of one problem to create another.
Just to be clear, we are not contradicting our no mega dosing theory (above). We believe you can attack yeast, virus, bacteria, and metals all at once but still with a “slow and steady” approach.