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For those of you who follow us, it’s that time of year again when we “try to get our groove back” AKA lose the “chicken wings” and tone the mom trouble zone which extends from the rib cage to the knees and then some.

Chicken Wing... not the good kind.

Chicken Wing… not the good kind.

Last year, we were really into Pilates and walking. We did well at keeping our commitment to working out until Leah went away for the summer.  For us, working out is a team sport. Solo work outs are not in the cards because we lack the discipline and trustworthiness required to follow through. We need another person to guilt us into working out and to hold us accountable. Otherwise, we would tell you we’re working out, but really we’re sitting on the couch, eating and watching our favorite tv shows.

This year, we wanted to look for something different to kick-start our workouts. We noticed that as we continue to age, it is getting harder and harder to tone that mom trouble zone. We knew we needed to up the ante, but we have other criteria that makes this difficult… we don’t like to sweat. And we need to be done in thirty minutes or less.  Is that too much to ask?

As it turns out – no!  While Leah was enjoying quality time with her family in the mountains, Molly spent the summer researching to find the perfect workout DVD. Enter Tracy Anderson’s “The Method for Beginners .” Don’t let the title fool you… we are so glad we got the beginner version. We couldn’t have survived a harder one.

Glad we’re doing this video… but we don’t enjoy it. Every minute is pure torture. However, we believe the suffering is worth it because we feel it is beginning to tone our trouble areas. It is the best video we’ve ever found for chicken wing arms. Plus, it is great for getting rid of cellulite on your butt and thighs. It doesn’t focus on the abs as much as we would like, but Tracy swears that your abs are still getting a work out. We hope she’s not fibbing!

So, we have our workouts rolling again. We are working on improving our diet. But now we are investigating why does cellulite form when you get older? Why did our cellulite used to be contained to the butt area and now it is spreading like a bad virus to the legs, arm pit area, and underarms? Here’s what know so far.

  • Your lymphatic system plays an integral role in the development of cellulite.
  • When everything is running smoothly, the lymph is taking away waste and toxins.
  • When things get clogged up and blood circulation decreases, this causes fluid to be retained. A decrease in lymph drainage causes the fluids that normally carry away waste to be trapped.

So we are on another quest. This time, we want to figure out how to make our lymphatic system work better, increase our circulation, and decrease the amount of toxins and fluid being retained by our skin. If we are actually able to accomplish this, will our cellulite go away or at least stop spreading? We’ll keep you posted!





In January, we made the bold decision to “recover from recovery” and reclaim our old selves.

We were in a rut and utterly exhausted from putting so much time and effort into getting our children healthier. We were slowly lulled into apathy. First, we gained some weight. Then, we no longer felt like getting dressed up, nor did we have the money to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Then, because we looked so sloppy, we were too embarrassed to go to the hoity toity hair salons that could give us a chic haircut. Then, to add insult to injury, we even stopped putting on make up. We had spiraled out of control.

Well, no more… we are returning with a vengeance (but a snail’s pace)! Meet Molly and Leah – the 2012 version.

We have kept our promise to make time for exercise. We tried running, but our bladders did not cooperate. Then, we moved to fast walking but found that our gabbing prevented us from keeping up our pace. Next, we tried doing yoga DVDs at home. We thought yoga was supposed to be peaceful and relaxing. Instead, we found it to be a torture session and we hated every minute of it. So we moved on to Pilates. We now have 2 Pilates DVDs that we enjoy doing. They are helping us tone up and we find them to be stress-relieving. Problem solved.

We knew exercise alone would not help us lose the weight. So, we made changes to our diet as well. If we could put so much time and effort into the health of our children, why not us? We tried to do the South Beach Diet, but of course, we decided we know better. We tweaked it to be South Beach “L&M style.” Even though we are not following every detail of the South Beach diet, we are proud of ourselves. We are eating healthier than ever and we are sticking to the game plan. We eat similarly to our children now. Sugar and processed foods are no longer in our diet and we are eating more vegetables than ever. Yay for us!

But maybe South Beach “L&M Style” is not as great as we think because the other day, when Leah asked Tom (her husband) if she looked any thinner, he remarked, “Yes – your shoulders look thinner.” Just what every gal longs to hear from her husband after starving and exercising for weeks!

Our diet and exercise plans were going well, so we decided to tackle our hair issues next. We had been on the hunt for a decent stylist for 2 years. Then, one day, I thought I had struck gold. I called Leah to tell her about my award-winning hair experience. I pressured her to make an appointment immediately. Two days later, Leah found herself in the stylist’s chair but sadly, she didn’t have the same experience. Things went bad fast. An hour appointment turned into a three-hour, whoopsie-doo, salon owner must fix, we feel so bad about your haircut, the cut’s on us visit. Leah left with a Dorothy Hamill cut in the front and a 1980s Salt n Pepa haircut in the back. Not the haircut that dreams are made of.

Our kryptonite remains workout/comfy pants. Our excuse… bloggers need to be comfortable. We cannot be expected to be creative in skinny jeans.

Next on our agenda – fix Leah’s hair disaster, throw out 10-year-old make-up, and learn how to put on dewy, fresh-faced, 2012 makeup. We’ll keep you posted.

Anyone want to join us in “recovering from recovery?”

-L & M

P.S. – WANTED: the perfect shade of lip gloss for blondes… all suggestions welcome.

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