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MRT boy

We went to a 3 day autism conference recently and learned a lot.  One of the most amazing things we heard about was Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT). In mom language, MRT is pulsing a big, super strength magnet on your child’s forehead to re-set the brain’s electrical system. This therapy is very new and very expensive (one month is $11,500) so we won’t be using it with our children any time soon. But we wanted to make others aware of it, especially since Dr. Bradstreet is about to open clinical trials for this procedure. If your child is selected, the procedure will be completely free.

If you want to learn more about MRT, check out this website. They have information about the cost and side effects as well as video testimonials. Dr. Bradstreet said he will post information on how to apply for the clinical trial today on his blog. You can also scan here to look for information on the trial once it is posted.

You have to watch this amazing video of an 18-year-old boy with severe autism. Warning… the video is disturbing. In the “before” video the boy is violent… punching himself over and over and attempting to hit his mom. After MRT, he is able to play ping-pong, shoot hoops, and he can laugh! The quality of life for both the boy and his mother is remarkably improved.

Disclaimer: We are not patients of Dr. Bradstreet and we know nothing about the effectiveness or safety of this therapy. Please do your own research. We are simply passing along information.